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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Whether you are a complete beginner or just need that extra help to make you confident in speaking, reading and writing English, we have the right ESOL course for you to make you more confident, skilled and independent.

We offer the Gateway Qualifications Entry Level Awards and Level 1 Awards in English for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. There are courses not linked to exams, ESOL Plus courses combined with another exciting curriculum area or specialised courses for complete beginners.

All ESOL courses are free for everyone.

  • To enrol on an ESOL, English or Maths course you will be assessed. Once you have been assessed, we will offer you a place on an appropriate course where the teacher will discuss and plan with you what skills you would like to work on.
  • All ESOL courses are part-time with a variety of lesson times available morning, afternoon and evening. Courses are normally 12 weeks long unless stated otherwise.

For more information email or to book an initial assessment please complete the enrolment form below, and one of our Business Support Officers will be in touch.

Available courses:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrolment for ESOL courses starts late February. As we have so many ESOL courses in different locations/levels/times/days, they are not all listed individually. Instead please click the button below to enrol on a General ESOL course, after making contact with you, we will offer you a place on an appropriate course.

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You will be required to pay the full fee (£5 per taught hour). For Childcare and TA courses at L2 there will be a price cap of £550 plus the exam fee if you fall into any of the categories below.

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Angelique Grygorcewicz Townsend
Principal of Adult Learning
Newham Adult Learning Service


By entering my name below I certify I have received the assessment and guidance referred to the above. I undertake to attend every session (whether that be in person or on-line) of the course, to complete any work set for me in connection with the course and to respect the needs of my fellow students at all times. I also agree to be entered for any examination linked to the course which I am studying.

  1. Refunds will only be considered for students who withdraw before the fourth week of their course. In the event of a refund being given, a £10 administration fee will be retained from the course fee. In accordance with audit requirements, a refund must be applied for in person with the original receipt given for the fee. If the receipt is lost then the person must apply in writing for a refund. Refunds will be made by cheque (cash refunds are not given) and posted to the student by the London Borough of Newham. However, if you paid by credit/debit card, we will need your card details again to make the refund because we do not keep card details on file.
  2. From time to time photographic and other recordings of students and their work may be made for examination assessments or for publicity purposes. In signing this enrolment form you agree to these recordings taken place whilst you are undertaking activities with us.
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